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NY Links identifies innovative solutions for improving linkage to and retention in HIV care to support the delivery of routine, timely, and effective care for Persons living with HIV/AIDS in New York State. We will bridge systemic gaps between HIV related services and achieve better outcomes for PLWHA through improving systems for monitoring, recording, and accessing information about HIV care in NYS.  Region by region, we will utilize the learning collaborative model to fortify the links holding together communities of practice, and the links grounding them in the communities of consumers they serve.

This effort is a supported by the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)-sponsored Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) and the NYSDOH AIDS Institute.

Bruce Leads Data Discussion

Dr. Bruce Agins leads a discussion at the January 23, 2013 Upper Manhattan Learning Session.

NY Links Timeline

NY Links is a four year initiative with various components. The first two years will focus on establishing three successive “Waves” of collaboratives. The final two years will focus on conducting a statewide scale-up of strategies shown to have promise. Evaluation will through out the four years.

SPNS Timeline


NY Links Measures Overview

The NY Links measures look to assess the strength of linkage and retention systems in all aspects of the patients care. For ease and consistency two of the measures are the same as the in+care Campaign measures.

Measures Table


NY Links Collaborative Regions

 NY Links Map of Collaborative Regions June 2013


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